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Change Management in the life sience industry

Aligning your organisation

No successful digital transformation without
change management competence

In today's volatile business world, adaptability is essential for the survival of SMEs. Characterized by digitalization, globalization, and demographic change, business models, processes, and strategies must be continuously adapted. This only works with change management that takes into account not only the technical challenges but also the employees of a company.

Particularly in the case of digital transformation, the focus is usually too much on IT solutions. However, an IT solution will not lead to digital transformation if it is not accompanied by a suitable corporate strategy and digital business model. Agile project management, for example, is of little help if it is reduced to individual elements such as the daily Scrum meeting or a KanBan board, and the right prerequisites for this approach are not created in the organization.

Our expertise supports management in implementing change efficiently and with minimal loss of motivation in the workforce. We offer concrete action competence for analyzing and managing change processes so that your company remains competitive and grows successfully.


Challenges in Change Management

Terms like constant change, transformation, and volatility sound nice. But there are two fundamental challenges to making this work:

  • Change inevitably comes at a cost. Resources have to be diverted from operations, and investments have to be made in technology, workforce, or new employees with appropriate skills.

  • Employees have to support the change. And this regularly leads to resistance that slows down the change or even causes it to fail.




The first step is to understand that change costs money and that employee involvement is essential. This automatically leads a company to calculate the return on investment and specifically consider employees in addition to technical project management. Good change management deliberately and purposefully puts employee involvement on the same level as the technical challenges.

The second step defining change, such as a digital transformation as a change management project. For this, an insight into possible methods in the next section:

Herausforderungn Change
Agiles Change Management

Agile Change Management

There are a variety of change management methods, i.e. Lewin's Freeze-Change-Unfreeze Model, Kotter's 8-Step Model, or the more recent Satir Change Model. These and other models provide a defined structure for the change project. However, none of the models is appropriate for every situation. ISO certification of a company requires a different approach than the introduction of agile project management. Is the company under immediate economic pressure, or is it acting out of a need to evolve? Lastly, the organizational culture plays a major role in which method is appropriate.

The following matrix helps managers to get a first orientation. For example, Kotter's 8-step model can be found in the field "Directive".


Digital transformation is generally complex, as not only are new technologies introduced and organizational structures have to change, but goal setting is also subject to a comparatively high degree of uncertainty. Here, an iterative approach lends itself to a step-by-step approach instead of a large-scale change project. For example, agile change management is a new method that has proven itself and can be assigned to the "Emergent" field.

It is therefore, worth taking enough time during the preparation of a change project to select the appropriate method. We already support you at this point.

Matrix nach Deborah Rowland und Malcom Higgs.

Why us?



We have over 25 years of experience in the life science industry and extensive knowledge in digital transformation specifically tailored to SME's in the life science industry.


Specialization in SMEs

SMEs usually do not have the resources to implement complex change management programs. Our approach is tailored to SMEs. We support you as a consultant or interim manager.

Change Management Prozess_edited.jpg

Change Management Practitioner

We are certified as a change manager by APMG International and have a diverse arsenal of methods at our disposal.


Authorized INQA Coach

We are authorized for the funded INQA-Coaching. This funding program supports agile coaching and agile change management. 


Change Management für KMUs
Service - Change Management
Our Services

Does a change project make sense?


We conduct analyses of the organization and processes. Discuss your business requirements. And, also ask whether your problems and challenges really need a change project.

What do you want to achieve with the change?


Formulate the objectives. Unclear objectives from the staff's point of view are one of the most common stumbling blocks! We support the selection of suitable methods and tools as well as create a road map with you.

How do best implement the change?


Process consulting, change management, workshops, and coaching for executives as well as employees within the change project. We define with you our role as a consultant, coach, or interim manager.

How to communicate during the change?


Success depends on your employees. We therefore recommend involving your key personnel at different levels at an early stage. We support you in communication and conflict management.

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