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Dr. Titus Kaletta

Your interim manager to implement project efficient and successful.

Interim Management

Interim Manager

Project Leader

Product Manager

The best strategy and the most effective method are of little use if they are not implemented and deliver concrete results for the company. It is not uncommon for innovation projects or transformation initiatives to get stuck because small and medium-sized companies simply lack personnel and certain competencies.

I therefore work as a interim manager, temporary project leader or product manager to advance your projects and initiatives to produce concrete results: for example, the preclinical development of an innovative therapy, the market launch of a medical device, or a viable digital business model.



  • Innovation projects

  • Preclinical projects

  • Market introduction of new technologies
    and medical devices 

  • Digital
    business models



  • Pharma

  • Medical Device

  • Diagnostica

  • eHealth

  • Functional Food



  • Innovation manager

  • Produkt manager

  • Management as
    CEO, CBO or CSO

  • board member

Focus Areas

Management Consultant or Interim Manager

For me, modern management consulting services for SMEs means the competence to accompany a project from vision to realization. Also, an interim manager cannot avoid dealing with the project or corporate strategy and perform certain analysis at the beginning. Nevertheless, both roles differ in two essential aspects:

  • Consulting projects are usually more narrowly defined in terms of time and content, while an interim management mandate must naturally be broader in scope.

  • Communication in the consulting project is often channeled through a few contact persons. The interim manager must be allowed to communicate both within the line function and across functions, as well as must enabled and given some authority within the contractual framework in order to achieve operational results.

Interim Management ENG.png

My consulting focus, innovation, market introduction and business models, as well as the agile methods that are typically used, require interaction with the various departments as well as internal and external stakeholders (KOLs, potential customers, etc.) at the latest in the implementation phase. In my approach, the transitions between traditional consulting and interim management are therefore fluid (1).

bring science to market

Therefore, I offer for the operational day-to-day business:

  • many years of experience in management positions,

  • proven line management competence,

  • extensive project management experience,

  • interim management expertise and

  • profound industry know-how in life science.

I stand for:

  • Leadership and strategic competence in complex projects,

  • hands-on mentality,

  • implementation drive and

  • market and customer orientation.

In addition, I drive your strategic initiatives as a certified and experienced change manager to get your employees' commitment and to bring your stakeholders on board.

Call me on 0175 / 5565 919. For significant and sustainable improvements in innovation projects, market launches and digital business models.

Learn more about me here.

(1) The use of external consulting and interim management is regulated by labor law at national level. To ensure legal certainty for both parties from the outset, the mode of cooperation is contractually agreed in advance by default.

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